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One type of prescription medication available for the treatment of ADHD in children, as well as adults, is Ritalin SR. The SR stands for sustained release, meaning the medication slowly releases in the body to allow the effectiveness of the dose to last for a longer period of time. Typically the effectiveness of a medication begins to wear off during the third hour after consumption. However, in Ritalin SR, the effects will remain consistant for up to twelve hours.

Since the medication is effective for a longer time frame, it is only needed to be taken once per day. This also helps to prevent any accidental missed dosages or inadvertantly taking too many doses during the day. Because it is a stimulant medication, there includes the potential to cause episodes of moodiness as the stimulant effects begin to wear off. However, there is much less aggitation experienced with Ritalin SR because of its' extended release formula.

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Extended release, or rather, sustained release medications are not as controversial as their short term counterparts. This has a lot to do with lessened likelihood of abusing the medicine. Though dependency is still a threat when consuming any stimulant; the formula that causes Ritalin SR to slowly release in timed intervals in the body, is also the same formula that prevents an instant gratification in those who may attempt to abuse it in such a way.

Ritalin offers many wonderful benefits for those who suffer ADHD, but risks in taking any medication should also be evaluated. As with any prescription that is a controlled substance, responsibility is of the utmost importance.